General IT maintenance Computer Support

From time to time the performance of a computer will degrade or it will simply fail altogether. Some of the more common reasons for degraded performance and failure are linked to Virus, Malware Infection, Hard Drive errors and corruption.

For little or no cost you can reasonably expect to prevent a problem from occurring by installing a good antivirus and / or anti-malware application and by carrying out regular scans. There are many excellent free or inexpensive applications such as MalwareBytes and CCleaner to name but a couple.

Basic Precautions

Prevent data loss by making a regular backup to a location other than your hard drive, e.g. an external hard drive or a cloud based data storage site. Many of us just don't do this basic task because everything is 'working fine'.

Help keep your computer running more efficiently and a little bit quicker by uninstalling programs that are no longer used, free up space by emptying the Re-cycle bin and deleting temporary files.


Our Services Include

  • Windows password reset.
  • Virus & Malware removal.
  • Data Recovery.
  • Laptop screen replacement.
  • Software Installation - e.g. Operating Systems, Applications.
  • Hardware installation - e.g. Graphics, Sound, Network cards.
  • General Repairs, Memory Upgrades.
  • Wireless and Wired Network configuration.
  • Performance optimisation.

Comprehensive System Check

For a fixed price of £ 49 we offer a full system check which includes;

  • Remove, clean and refit internal components.
  • Remove, clean heat sinks and apply new thermal compound.
  • Scan for and remove Malware & Virus infections.
  • Scan for and resolve any disc errors.
  • Performance optimisation, removal of temporary files, link files and obsolete registry keys.
  • Secure Wipe of all unused disc space.

       If you don’t see the particular service you need please contact us and we will try our best to help you.