Data RecoveryProtect any remaining data: 

To prevent further loss of data, whatever the cause, we recommend you switch off your computer or device as continued use could result in additional damage and further loss of data. Downloading and installing recovery software is not recommended as this could overwrite the very files you are trying to recover.


There are many reasons why data is ‘lost’ or becomes inaccessible. It could simply have been deleted by accident or in the worst case a hard drive has failed. .


Providing the data you want to recover has not been overwritten or the media itself is not completely destroyed, there is a good possibility that most or in some cases all of your data can be recovered.


Methods of Recovery.

Logical recovery: Normally completed where the electronic & mechanical components of the media are working correctly but data has become inaccessible in the normal way. We can connect your media directly to Forensic Duplicators or one of our Workstations to attempt recovery of your data; the media host device is not required.


Physical recovery: This, more difficult and time consuming method of the two. It is necessary where the media has stopped functioning due to component failure or physical forces such as dropping and fire or flood damage.


Recovery Process.

First, either call us on 01303 766226 or use the contact form to let us know what the problem is, not forgetting to include details of any error messages or any unusual sounds the hard drive is making. We will then call you to briefly discuss the problem and arrange delivery of the media to our workshop.


Once we have examined the device or media and determined the best course of action required to recover your data we will inform you of the cost and approximate turn round time. If you agree to proceed we will begin the Data Recovery process.


Recovery times vary and can take from several hours to a few days, depending upon how much data needs to be recovered and how complex the recovery process is. We do however aim to complete recovery within 24 - 72 hrs of receiving confirmation to proceed.

Payment in full is expected on completion.


Why our Data Recovery Service? 

  • We don’t charge an inspection fee.
  • All recovered data is returned on suitable external media which is supplied at cost price. On request, recovered data can be returned on an encrypted drive at no extra cost and encryption keys will be sent separately.
  • We use only industry leading forensic equipment and software to recover your data.
  • A collect & return service is available within 10 Miles of our location, please contact us for details.