Secure Data WipeCertified Data Wipe & Degaussing:

Protecting your sensitive information.

Before disposing of or re-assigning any computer or other digital device first consider what information is stored on it. The potential risks to your business, your customers or you as an individual are significant should it fall into the wrong hands. Deleting files, formatting a drive or other media does not erase information beyond recovery. 

The Solution.

We offer 3 options for the secure destruction of your data. Data Wipe, Degaussing and Physical destruction.

Certified Data wipe:

By using CESG certified equipment and software products such as Blancco and Tabernus we are able to offer a Baseline or Enhanced secure erasure. Suitable for Desktops, Laptops, Servers and mobile devices, Internal & External HDD, RAID, IDE, SCS, SATA, Zip, USB and other smart media.

Baseline (lower) wipe. Suitable for home and business users wanting to clear data before re-assigning a device or media to another family member or department and where it remains within the relative safety of your business or home environment.

Enhanced (higher) wipe: This is the choice for the secure erasure of personal or highly sensitive information and where a device or data storage media will no longer remain within the business or home environment.

We can provide you with a digitally signed erasure report that meets the requirements of ISO audit trails. As part of the Data Wipe process and once all data has been successfully wiped we can re-format your hard drive as FAT or NTFS, ready for you to use again.


If your hard drive is damaged and cannot be started up, data on the drive can be securely wiped by exposing it to a very strong magnetic field. Degaussing is also suitable for magnetic tape media such as DAT, LTO, CCTV, Video & Audio.

Hard Drives will need to be removed from a computer to complete the process and once degaussing has taken place the drive can not be re-used.   Please note, This method is not suitable for Solid State Drives.

Physical Destruction: 

Here in our workshop we have the equipment and the capability to shred optical Media such as CD’s/DVDs & Blu-ray, as well as bank cards, access passes and Microfiche. If you have classified or sensitive documents to dispose of these can be shredded into 1.9 x 15 mm waste using our HSM Securio shredder. Ideal for the smaller office clear out.

The physical destruction of hard drives is arranged through a partner service provider and all waste is disposed of in an approved responsible manner using licensed carriers.


What to do next.

Please call or email us with your requirements using the contact form. We will then call you back and if necessary arrange a site assessment visit in order to provide you with a competitive quote. if you decide to proceed we will arrange a date and time that is convenient to you to visit your premises and complete the task. Alternatively we can arrange secure collection by courier.

Unless we have used degaussing to wipe the data, your media will remain intact allowing you to safely recycle, donate or dispose of computer assets and storage media as you wish.

Why our Data Destruction Service? 

  • You can be confident that all data is wiped beyond recovery by any current known method.
  • Secure & Convenient, we can bring our Data Wipe service to you so that you have full control over your data at all times.
  • Re-cycling or re-assignment of computer assets can be carried out with complete peace of mind.
  • ISO series 27001 compliant reports providing a tamper-proof audit trail.
  • The tools; software such as Tabernus & Blancco and Digital Forensics equipment
  • Standards, typically HMG InfoSec 5, NIST 800-88, DoD etc…
  • Business Impact Levels (BIL 0-6). Meeting the strict requirements of Government Agencies, Local Authorities and the MoD.